Building 1

137 W 122 Street

New York, NY 23456

  7Bedrooms, 4 Baths

4,830 Sq ft


Building 2

300 East 119th Street, #44

New York, NY 

  2Bedrooms, 1 Baths

500 Sq ft


Building 3

1 West 126th Street, #6

New York, NY 

 1 Bedroom 1 Baths

440 Sq ft


Building 4

274 Lenox Avenue

New York, NY

 2 Bedrooms, 4 Baths

4,074 Sq ft



A Different Approach

After entering real estate over 30 years ago, Yvonne realized that she didn’t like the status quo in the realty company she was working with. She wanted to spend time with her clients, to learn about their needs, wants and dreams. The look on her clients’ faces when she showed them the perfect home was well worth the extra hours it took to locate it.



Home Buying Made Easy

Are you tired of dealing with real estate agents who are more interested in their schedule and commission than in helping you buy or sell a home? If you’re looking for a wonderful, easy real estate experience, Stafford Realty Group is your answer. From subdivision sales to property management, we can meet all your real estate needs.



Quality Over Quantity

Setting out on her own, she made a pledge that we still honor today: Quality Over Quantity. At our real estate firm, it’s more than a few words, it’s our company culture. We want to know just the bare minimum of what you need in your new home, we want to know what your dream home is like. Whatever your needs or desires, we’ll find it for you.


Commercial Real Estate Broker

Yvonne Stafford has experience in all aspects of real estate including buying, developing, selling, brokering, and private consulting to individuals and companies for over thirty years.

We’re there to meet all your needs. At Stafford Realty Group Inc, you’re more than a customer – you’re family!


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  • (212) 996-3213

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  • Gideon
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  • Landis Farrington